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  • Artist Info: Yezzer 3! Ha! I Love This Shit! So Let Me Talk My Shit! Uggh! HaHa! (*cough, cough*)OK I’m good. Ya!<br />
    Freestyle<br />
    I Know U See Da Gwop Cause Gettin Money Is Wut We On<br />
    Ridin Drop Top In Da Winter Wit Da Heat On<br />
    Bad Yellow Bitch Keep My Passenger Seat Warm<br />
    Leg Hangin Out Da Window, U Aint Got These On<br />
    Bitch Holla, It Is Lil Weezy<br />
    They Can Not See Me, They Are Like Stevie<br />
    I Am Barring-a-ton like Levy<br />
    I Circle Ya House Like Bee-Bee<br />
    Colder Dan Da He-Be-Gee-Bees<br />
    Neva Give Free Bees, 75 Thousand For Deez Fees<br />
    Shit I Can Get A 100 Thousand Up In Deez Jeans<br />
    Big Stacks My Pockets On Creatine<br />
    Young Money, Dipset Nigga We A Team<br />
    If U Dont Like It Nigga F**k U No Vaseline<br />
    Errrrr, Peel Off In Da Lambergine<br />
    Like A Tangerine<br />
    Got Da Industry Shakin Like A Tamborine<br />
    Like A Bitch Wit Some Lips Like Angeli-na Jolie<br />
    Holy God Flow I Go Where No Other Guy Go<br />
    F**k You Hoe Im So 5-0-4<br />
    I Hope Every Snitch Die Slow<br />
    Hip-Hop Dats My Hoe I Know, She Know I Like It Wet<br />
    Dont Want No Dry Hoe<br />
    Alright Bitch, I Am thee Boy No Decoy And I Will Straight Up Destroy<br />
    Any Boy or Man And I Prefer Money than Bitches Are Just Need For<br />
    We Are Young Money Bitches And I Am tha Lea-der<br />
    We Are Currency, Mack Maine, And D Raw and I Just Signed<br />
    A Chick Named Nikki Minaj<br />
    And Me Im Still Spitten Like A Retard<br />
    And Deez Niggas Soft Dey Should Be Rappin In Leotards<br />
    Nigga We In Charge, Baby Put Me In Charge<br />
    And Im Just Murderin Niggas Free Of Charge<br />
    Ya Digg Just Holla Back I See Ya Sarge<br />
    And Im So Motherf**kin High I Could Eat A Star<br />
    Yeah Let Me Upgrade U<br />
    U May Not Be A Model, But I Can Front Page Ya<br />
    U Know Im Nasty Excuse My Behavior<br />
    Let Me Just Taste Ya<br />
    We Can F**k Lata<br />
    Sittin In Da Coupe, Lookin Like A Racer<br />
    Top Peeled Back Like Da Skin Of A Potato<br />
    Seat Way Back Listen To Anita Baker<br />
    Ridin By Myself Smokin Weed By Da Acre<br />
    Hollygrove Gata Aint Nobody Greater<br />
    Leave U Wit Some Bullet Holes Da Size Of Craters<br />
    U Aint Heard Da Latest<br />
    Weezy F. Da Greatest<br />
    Battle Anybody, Nigga F**k away ya Favorite<br />
    Its A New Game And Im Da Coach Like Avery<br />
    Leave It To Da Flow, We Gettin Dough Like A Bakery<br />
    I Dont Really Want To But Deez Niggas Makin Me<br />
    Put A Muthaf**ker On Ice Like Da Maple Leaves<br />
    Dats A Hockey Team And I Aint On No Hockey Team<br />
    But Im A Champion, Wheres Da F**king Rocky Theme?<br />
    Damn, Rest In Peace Apollo Creed<br />
    Imma Monster Everyday Is Halloween<br />
    Alot Of Syrup, Alot Of Pills, And A Lot Of Weed<br />
    And I Keep My Pockets Green Like A Pot Of Peas<br />
    And If U Hatin Baby U Can Get A Side Of Deez<br />
    Deez Nuts in ya Mouth Can U Swallow Please<br />
    Haha, Yeah Im So Hot I Freeze<br />
    Big Balls And Dey Jangle Like Alot Of Keys<br />
    Even Deaf Bitches Say Hi To Me<br />
    She Tell a Blind Bitches She Say I Gotta See<br />
    Young Carter Darlin<br />
    Understand, I Am Micheal Jordan Ballin<br />
    Yes, Imma Dog Imma Hoya Ya Homie<br />
    Imma Boss, Ya Man Is Juss An Employer Mami<br />
    Let Me Upgrade U, Let Me Up-Grade U, Upgrade U<br />
    Ahhhhhhhhh……………….WEEZY!! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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