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  • Artist Info: Basic Info<br />
    Hi!<br />
    Name:Blah<br />
    Gender: Female<br />
    Sexuality: Straight<br />
    What I look like: short red hair, well its actually strawberry blond, but well just call it red. i'm 5'3, (really short!!!) and have ADD, OCD, and i'm compleatly insane.well i live in a drom at the moment, go home every other weekend and have like two or three best friends and those two or three people are the peole that keep me sane and normal...almost....all of them know me for who i am. i have an I personality and i can have really depressed moments while other times i can seem really happy but deep down inside im always sad and my friends know that better than anyone else. I was adopted when i was sad with my sister and currently have three older sisters....i absolutly hate one of them and i miss amother while my closest sister, to me, and I fight constantly i love her to death but cant stand her at other times...<br />
    lets see... i miss all of my friends back home way more than they could ever imagine and i want so bad to go back to them but as every one knows you have to please your mother or else u dont get daddies blessing.<br />
    i hate big parties unless im really comfertable with every one that is there then im cool. i dont trust anyone no matter how long ive known them and ive only let a few people into my heart and im afraid if i let anyone else in that i will get crushed....<br />
    Hmmmm...i guess you know just about everything now but if you have any questions just ask...you never know i just might be depressed at the moment and answer you with my heart instead of my mind......enjoy my profile....
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