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  • Artist Info: Sup I'm Katie<br />
    I love GYMNASTICS<br />
    my hair is blond, but not for long<br />
    I love animals<br />
    I'm a vegetarian DEAL WITH IT<br />
    I think online dating is pointless<br />
    I have frappuccino in my veins<br />
    I have one bro.<br />
    I love school<br />
    My fav. song is You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban<br />
    I'm funny, athletic, weird, hyper, dramatic, random, outgoing, caring, fun, me. <br />
    I'm just me<br />
    nothing special<br />
    but me<br />
    <br />
    My bars routine.<br />
    Low bar-<br />
    Mount Kip<br />
    back hip circle<br />
    cast squat on<br />
    High bar-<br />
    kip<br />
    back hip circle<br />
    dismount flyaway<br />
    <br />
    My beam routine.<br />
    Mount- hitch kick<br />
    dance combo<br />
    full turn<br />
    releve turn<br />
    cartwheel cartwheel<br />
    switch leap wolf jump<br />
    ect.... i haven't finished creating this routine yet (wish me luck at practice!)<br />
    <br />
    My potential floor routine.<br />
    possible floor music- bout it from step up or halloween<br />
    back tumbling pass- roundoff back handspring back handspring<br />
    front tumbling pass- front tuck front walkover roundoff or front walkover front walkover roundoff<br />
    random tumbling pass- probably front<br />
    jumps- tuck fulls, wolf halfs, ring jumps, strattle, ect.<br />
    dance tumble dance- tuck jump roundoff strattle<br />
    tumble dance tumble- front walkover wolf back handspring<br />
    other- dance sequence, switch leap, ring leap, full turn<br />
    <br />
    Vault- none.<br />
    Hey, if you go to my school, tell me! Come to one of my meets! Just ask me when they are and I'll see you there!<br />
    <br />
    Hola, me llamo Lola. Yo tengo doce anos. Yo soy una chica muy deportista y inteligente. Me gusta practicar deportes, correr, y nadar. A veces, me gusta ir a la escuela. Pues, adios. Hasta luego.<br />
    You would only know what that means if you've taken Spanish or if you're taking it now or something. Yeah, sorry I didnt have any of the accent marks. I didn't really feel like adding them in.
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