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  • Artist Info: hey!<br />
    my names mollie<br />
    im 17<br />
    i like all sorts of music, evil stuff and ninja's! hehe! S2<br />
    really into anime and manga<br />
    also love kingdom hearts and death note<br />
    love harry potter!<br />
    if i could i would go up 2 voldemort, say hello 2 him, ask him about his nose and call him voldy, then run 4 my life!...im also thinking about makine T-shirts saying "I heart VOLDY"<br />
    i ily remus and sirius...there so AWESOME!!!!<br />
    my friend has gotten me vampire MAD!!!XD <br />
    very easy 2 talk 2<br />
    and im told im crazy so thats good ^^...i think<br />
    my friends and family r 1 of the only reasons i decided 2 stick around, so bag them and u die. -_-<br />
    no jokes...ok well mayb a little
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