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  • Artist Info: *NERD ALERT*<br />
    name-Gabrielle <br />
    age-16 baby!!!!<br />
    favorite colors- purple, green,yellow,red, and blue<br />
    hobbies-softball, tennis, I LOVE ART!!!!!!!!! painting, drawing, oh and I am very much a dork one thats into anime and video games!! XD <br />
    I have a brother and 2 sisters one of which is <br />
    II-JuLiEtTe-II. Oh and I gots a step brother and sister also! Oh and Im apparently HeathaFeatha's secretary that girl, o boy *facepalm<br />
    And if your some random person who wants to friend me, Im warning you before hand about what your getting into XD<br />
    And I am super crazy and fun, also Im nice, I think so anyways?? Oh my goodness I hope I can change this, I feel like Im going to regret typing some of this ok well yeah.................uhm..........you can go now XD<br />
    &lt; ( - _ - &lt; ) &lt; ( - _ - ) &gt; ( &gt; - _ - ) &gt;
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