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  • Artist Info: What do I say? Well... First things first, I'm the outcast of outcasts. A freak and weirdo, I don't have an actual group that I fit in with. My RL friends are made up of all sorts of people. From the very tall to the very short, the strange to the creepy, and everything in between. I'm the serious one of the bunch and I don't always get the humor. Many things go right over my head (not because of how short I am &gt;_&lt wink . <br />
    <br />
    You could say that my life has been pretty average. My parents divorced when I was little and remarried to someone new, my sister and I have a love-hate relationship, High School's just school and I'm almost out of it. Oh, I do have three dogs and a couple of outdoor cats. My family is the animal loving type so we've had zoos in our lives. <br />
    <br />
    What else? Hmmmmm... That's all I'm saying. Nothing more.
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