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  • Artist Info: Hey! My names Jackie. <br />
    I'm 15 years old im very protective of my family and some of my friends tht r really close. <br />
    I love u play soccer,basetball,softball,and street hokey. <br />
    During the summer i love to chill with my friends and hit the pool,or go camping.<br />
    I love to climb trees, and be a daredevil.But i hate spriders!!!!!!!! <br />
    I can act like a kid when wanted 2 but i also can be very mean. <br />
    I have 4 brothers 4 sisters.<br />
    So im very tough but, im a sweetheart. I got a big heart. <br />
    I have a boyfriend i love him and hope to marry him one day.<br />
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