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    Basic Info<br />
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    01.Full name: Kitsuke Aura<br />
    02.Nickname: Aura, Aura-chan, Ta-chan or Kitsuke<br />
    03.Birthday:15/08<br />
    04.Hometown: Somewhere....<br />
    05.Current Location: In gaia<br />
    06.Eye Color:Blue sapphire <br />
    07.Hair Color: Blue sapphire<br />
    08.Height:4' 9<br />
    09.Heritage: <br />
    10.Zodiac Sign?: Leo<br />
    11.Current goals: Nothing ^_^ <br />
    <br />
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    STARTING OFF<br />
    01.Where were you born in the world?: Malaysia?<br />
    02. Do you still remain there?: umm...yea?<br />
    03. Do you have any foreign blood in you? (if so, elaborate): secret<br />
    04. What year were you born in?: 1994<br />
    05. Were you early, on time or late?: Hmm...don't no<br />
    06. Looking back, do you believe you had an easygoing childhood?: do I?<br />
    07. Was it a happy one and full of great memories?: pain...*orz*<br />
    08. Or - does your childhood pain you to even think about?: yup<br />
    09. What particular birthdays stand out?: hmm...<br />
    010. Did your parents throw parties for you and invite all your friends?: don't even mention it<br />
    011. How old were you when you started school?: 5 years old<br />
    012. Did you look forward to it or did your mother have to drag you there kicking and screaming?: I can't remeber but I was all alone bac then<br />
    013. What subjects did you enjoy in these periods?: ART's and Science<br />
    014. What activities and hobbies did you enjoy outside school?: doing nothing<br />
    015. Were you very active or did you spend most time sitting in front of the TV?: Rarely<br />
    016. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?: 14... -_-"<br />
    017. What were your favorite toys?: hmm...gundam I guess...<br />
    018. How old were you when you started puberty?: in year 6<br />
    019. Did you start before all your friends or after?: either<br />
    020. How have you changed since those early days?: don't know<br />
    021. Are you a social outcast or outgoing?: outgoing<br />
    022. Would you say you were intelligent?: never say that<br />
    023. Do you want to do well and get a good job?: most likely<br />
    024. Or are you more of a traditionalist - would you want to be a housewife bringing up your family?: I rather being alone<br />
    025. How old are you now?: 15<br />
    026. Do you still feel like a kid or are you more mature than most kids your age?: Orewa hennachoko kodomo desu!!!<br />
    027. What are your current ambitions?: None... -_-"<br />
    028. Do you think they will change or will you get what you want in life?: stop hoping so much<br />
    029. What would be the perfect career for you?: I don't know<br />
    030. What do you plan to study in college or university?: either<br />
    031. Do you think you are more academically minded or just clever?: Errr...<br />
    032. Do you like to think you are unique?: nope...<br />
    033. Do you loathe the idea of conforming, like just being another victim of fashion?: nope<br />
    034. Are you open minded?: most likely<br />
    035. Will you be friends with anyone, despite the way they dress etc?: Don't care<br />
    036. Don’t you just hate cliques and labels?: Ehh? Why I should do that?<br />
    037. Are you still in education? (If so, what school): SMK<br />
    038. Do you want to travel the world?: hahaha... sweatdrop <br />
    039. Where would you most like to go and why?: Japan!! Coz there where is my senpai lives!!<br />
    040. Does religion play any role in your life?: Sure it does<br />
    041. What do you think of Christianity - do you believe that Jesus really existed?: Yes but I'm not christian<br />
    042. What would be your worst nightmare?: Japanese ghost<br />
    043. Has it ever come true?: never and it won't happen<br />
    044. Do you dream a lot?: always<br />
    045. Do you think that your dreams are important - do they inspire you in anyway?: hmm...<br />
    046. Do you speak any other languages?: Yup<br />
    047. Do you think it would be interesting or fun to make up your own language?: Sure it does<br />
    048. Do you have a vivid imagination?: Yup<br />
    049. What are you most frightened of?: Vampires<br />
    050. Are you an active person - or are you lazy?: I'm lazy<br />
    051. What is your favorite form of exercise?: running<br />
    052. What are your favorite things to do when you have spare time?: drawing<br />
    053. What do you love to do but never have the time?: drawing<br />
    054. Are your parents strict with you?: yup<br />
    055. Do you have any piercings?: afraid to wear it<br />
    056. If not, do you want any?: NO!!!<br />
    057. What are your goals as of now?: nothing<br />
    058. What are you most looking forward to this month?: PMR, PMR...<br />
    059. Do you live life to the full?: err<br />
    060. Have you ever been seriously ill?: yup<br />
    061. Do you find life too difficult at times?: yup<br />
    062. Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?: yup<br />
    063. Does music play an important part in your life?: most likely<br />
    064. What kind of music do you choose to listen to?: classical<br />
    065. Where are your favorite places to be by yourself, besides your bedroom?: bathroom<br />
    066. Do you believe in love and soul mates?: hard to tell<br />
    067. Are you a romantic sort of person who wants their knight in shining armor?: paper bag please?<br />
    068. Do you believe in yourself?: hmm...<br />
    069. Do you have low self esteem?: yup<br />
    070. Do you spend a lot of time hating yourself? (if so, why?): A lot of reason<br />
    071. Do you give good advice to people?: Ask my friend<br />
    072. If I asked you to describe yourself in words, what words would you give me?: I'm a weirdo...that's all<br />
    073. What do you hate?: being someone else<br />
    074. Who are your best friends?: shh...secret<br />
    075. Do you like to express yourself through writing or art?: both<br />
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    <br />
    L0VE<br />
    01. It is impossible to define love in words. So what exactly does love mean to you?: annyoying<br />
    02. The obvious question, have you ever really been in love?: in my dream<br />
    03. If so, how did you know?: like I said, in my dream<br />
    04. Who were you in love with?: With my bi-shonen character razz <br />
    05. Are you still in love with that person?: lol<br />
    06. What made them so special?: nothing. They just in my igimanation<br />
    07. It's a cliche, but did you feel sickly and have butterflies in your stomach when seeing him/her?: eh?<br />
    08. Did/do you think about him/her a lot?: probaly<br />
    09. Have you only ever had one true love or more?: -_-"<br />
    010. Do you think it is impossible for someone under the age of 15 to love as they're too young to understand what it means?: err...I don't know<br />
    011. Do you smile every time you think about him/her?: *stare*<br />
    012. Are you in love at the moment?: haha...of course no...<br />
    013. What is your favorite love story and why?: err...don't have one<br />
    014. Do you think it is possible to love more than one person at once?: yup it is<br />
    015. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?: no<br />
    016. When you were young, did you ever think you were in love with a celebrity (if so, who)?: I hate celebrity<br />
    017. What makes a person beautiful to you?: hmm....well, another secret<br />
    018. Have you ever thought you were in love when really you weren't?: ehh???<br />
    019. Have you ever told someone you loved them when you didn't mean it?: of course NOO!!!<br />
    020. Do you think it's cruel to do that?: I DON'T THINK SO!!!<br />
    021. Have you ever had your heart broken?: yea...once<br />
    022. Or have you ever broken someone's heart?: yup...*sigh*<br />
    023. Are you a romantic person?: no<br />
    024. If so, what makes you romantic?: no<br />
    <br />
    0PINI0NS / RAND0M<br />
    01. Love or lust?: love<br />
    02. How often do you experience lust?: nevar!!!<br />
    03. Love at first sight isn't real, it's lust, right?: err....<br />
    04. How many people have you truly wanted so to speak?: no one<br />
    05. What do you think of girls who steal another's boyfriend?: she's a playgirl thats alll<br />
    06. What do you think of adultery?: umm...errr<br />
    07. Which celebrities do you have crushes on?: NEVR!!!<br />
    08. Are you straight, gay, or bisexual?: STRAIGHT YOU IDDIOT!!!<br />
    09. What do you think of bisexuality - are you one of those people who believe you should be attracted to one or the other, or are you open minded/okay with it?: *puke*<br />
    010. Do you think some young people claim to be bisexual because its a trend going round?: *puke out green vomit*<br />
    011. Do you know anyone who is homophobic?: *puke out blood*<br />
    012. If you were sat next to a gay/lesbian couple who were kissing and groping each other, would you honestly feel uncomfortable?: *puke*<br />
    013. What do you think of gay marriages/adoptions?: WTF!!! STOP ASKING THOSE STUPID QUESTION!!<br />
    014. Do you know any girl under the age of 16 who is/were/got pregnant?: hmm...yea I know someone <br />
    015. What do you think of underage pregnancies?: well...I don't know what I gonna say<br />
    016. Do you think more could be done to prevent it?: yup. As long we try<br />
    017. How old do you think young people should be when they learn about sex & contraception?: until they reach adult age<br />
    018. How old were you?: how many times you gonna ask?<br />
    <br />
    DATING<br />
    01. Are you dating anyone?: no one<br />
    02. How old were you when you went on your first date?: never in my life<br />
    03. Where did you go?: N/A<br />
    04. Where is/would be your favorite place to go on a date?: N/A<br />
    05. Should the guy pay?: N/A<br />
    06. Kissing on a first date?: only in my dream... <br />
    07. Would you go any further than that?: no<br />
    08. How many dates have you been on?: 0<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    01. Clubs, Spades, Hearts, or Diamonds?: Diamonds<br />
    02. Do you celebrate Valentines?: I hate Valentines<br />
    03. What do you think about Tetris?: ehh???<br />
    04. Do you think Lady Gaga is a man?: no<br />
    05. What do you think of condoms?: *pukes*<br />
    06. What color are your kitchen plates?: orange<br />
    07. Do you eat carrots?: yup<br />
    08. Do you think pornography is wrong?: OF COURSE ITS DO!!!<br />
    09. Do you really care about politics?: Not really<br />
    10. What comes first in your life?: my future<br />
    11. What did you eat for dinner?: random<br />
    12. Where did you lose your virginity?: SHINU!!<br />
    13. Have you ever seen a ghost?: hmm...when I small<br />
    14. Have you ever peed yourself with laughter?: yup<br />
    15. How many Gaia accounts do you own?: 3<br />
    16. Think of some really awful first names: Kuroi<br />
    17. Do people ever misspell your name?: Always....<br />
    18. What are your obsessions?: nothing<br />
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