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  • Artist Info: Hi people welcome to Naito's profile ^^<br />
    a few information about him:<br />
    his favorite animal is the wolf with wings (yeah for that the picture =P), his favorite color is the moonlight (yeah he is pretty cool right?^^), he likes to draw and he do it awesome! (there are examples in arenas!), he has problems with his age ._. i mean he didn't know it ._. but well let's said he is 17 now =O,he knows lots of intersting things._.,he like anime and manga ans his favorite is Death Note, he likes Final Fantasy a lot! and Zelda an Devil May Cry (and maybe a lot of games more i can't remembre now) , he likes tsubasa, xxx holic actually he likes CLAMP, he sometimes (very often xD)see the people as animals ._. like: chikens, ducks,cats, wombats,bunnys etc etc =O he is a dog!*cough* wolf *cough*, he hates hot (who doesn't? xD)and don't like food(xD),and his a very intersting and good(=P) person specially if you know him good, well and i thinks that is all..... you wanna know something else? ask him =P he may answer =O<br />
    <br />
    oh btw!! he doesn't speak in third person!!(well maybe sometimes...but not now ) *yue wrote this*
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