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  • Artist Info: Ever loved someone you would go down on your last breath fighting for them ? That's how the pain fucking feels its cold and hard to go on ... When you think you've had enough it just keep coming at you ... it's not enough to cry for them but to be lied by them ..? WTF ! This is why i can't fucking loved anymore I lost feeling how to love I lost the ways now i'm punching the walls like a crazy bitch who you made ... you may think i'm doing this to myself but i'm NOT YOU WON'T TELL ME "It's over Maria i'm screwing your ass over." When you tell me that i'll stop crying but your not telling me shit!! Wanna choke me ? Think i'm stupid ? GO FUCKING AHEAD. Idc anymore... I'm losing it and i'm losing you i guess... :/ My name is Maria cruel fucking world and I can't give a fuck anymore... My soul is white and paled and i'm hiding i won't come out... when writing this i feel like i'm typing out a Sin Formm for the lust i think iv'e been feeling :/ We all made sins and we have had help by the FUCKING PEOPLE LEON WTF ?! FUCK FUCK FUCK !! ... I'm sorry i snaped... Just tell me already god damn it!! I know you dnt care... so show me my place tell me!! Hit me Idgaf i just wanna stop hurting the pain is too strong okay ? TELL ME WTF TO DO cause unlike you i got so much pain the my heart feels only the blood that goes through it and nothing else, it can't feel the love by others.. That's it i'm fucking out the game, the field, it hurts, the blood, that's it my wrists are fucking torn... now i know how much it hurts... it hurts to love.. <br />
    <br />
    Let me tell you this people of the World don't love young because at your ages your gonna get hurt, get dirt up ur face, feel like you've gotten shot 10 times and that 10 shots still aren't fucking enough to finish you off... That's it i'm out peace wanna fuck love ? Go ahead once they die for you that's your fucking problem. I can't i won't give a fuck .. THATS IT!
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