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  • Artist Info: hey you guys! -blushes- heres a couple of things about me. im sweet to everybody i meet (hey that rhymed) and i'm way into fashion but i'm very shy lol. when i'm having lots of fun i can be bossy but that is only when i'm in a bad mood ;P. im a dancer and a competition cheerleader (for short competitive cheerleader) oh and just for the record, guys im not into all that stupid cyber and crap so dont try it! lol! anyway like i was saying i'm true to my friends and family and will never leave someone out.I absolutely LOVE writing books that is my passion! and i'm about to publish one of my best books so be the first to buy it! lol. I am also a wonderful artist i love drawing and there has never been a time in my life where i wasn't always thinking "what if.." by that i mean i'm always using my imagination (im such a kid lol) and i love to be creative!I really hate it when people pick on "noobs" because i know you've probably heard this before but you were one too and it really doesn't make sense to call somebody a noob if your practically one yourself for referring to someone like that thats just strait up D-U-M-B. and although i can be a really nice person if you get on my bad side trust me i wont show you any mercy if you decide to start something because thats not how i rollz! (woot woot)oh yea...im also a major clumsy dork so yea teehee...anyway thats it about me ill type more l8der bye guyz!! -muah-<br />
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    update 2013. WOW I have not been online in literally YEARS. I first wrote that about me when I was like 9! I am now 16, a junior in highschool! I just want to let everyone know that I have met some amazing people on gaia these years that I have been on, and I will never forget the hours and hours on end I spent talking (worrying my parents), and fooling around with complete strangers of whom I will never get to meet but they make me feel like I'm not alone! Please! I beg of you! just get to know me! I know I may seem intimidating or maybe you think all cheerleaders are the same, but I swear to you everyone is different and me and my friends are special cases! lol my 3 best cheer friends all love to cosplay, write fanfics, and play online games like Gaia! Anime is my life! and we don't care how popular we may be, it's something we will always love and share memories about. With that hear me out, talk to me, love me. I love you all! Have a great day!
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