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    Jacqueline.<br />
    Texas >_><br />
    Age 12<br />
    I don't wanna grow up v_v<br />
    September 20 :]<br />
    Purple > biggrin <br />
    Music <3<br />
    I wish I was a little kid again..<br />
    I'm weird, if you met me you would agree xD<br />
    If you hit me i'll hit back.<br />
    If you yell at me i'll yell back, no matter who you are.<br />
    I'm a happy person :]<br />
    I am myself, not anyone else.<br />
    Why fit in if we were born to stand out?<br />
    I worry to much.<br />
    Jesus freak ;]<br />
    I think i'm obsessed with Jesus o.o xD<br />
    I have alot of differen't laughs<br />
    Most of the time theres a smile on my face<br />
    I love school <br />
    I love singing in the shower ^o^<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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