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  • Artist Info: Hey everyone! It's me, Angel! I wanna tell you about me, or I wanna tell who ever visits my profile. I LOVE anime/manga. I love to draw manga/anime and cute cartoon animals. My best friends on gaia are all my friends pretty much. But my bestest freinds on gaia talk to me. Like Pretty lil angel. She talks to me alot. People who talk to me still are my bestest friends on gaia. Cause after I stoped playing for a while, and I came back on to play again, no one really talked to me exept her. Pretty lil angel, you are my true friend! I also love listening to music, go on gaia, draw, spend time on other websites, spend time with my friends and etc. Also, I have a gaia family! Anyone is welcome! I'm still trying to find some one to join. <br />
    Here is my current gaia family: <br />
    <br />
    Twin:XxForbiddenKissesxX<br />
    Cousin(dad side)- a pretty lil angel<br />
    Older Sister- nekoprincess220 <br />
    Younger Sister- sweetly angelic <br />
    Nephew- Joshuaisdaman <br />
    <br />
    By the way, thanks for coming to my profile! biggrin
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