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  • Artist Info: Mood: Restless<br />
    Favorite Song: Virus - B2ST<br />
    Favorite person ATM: <br />
    Current Obsession(lol): B2ST, MBLAQ.
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    ADD.Message.Comment :3<br />
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    Bonjouur :'D I'm Liz, the day I was born is April 15,.. I'm pretty sure I've stopped growing,..-sigh- lol.I love to make people laugh,even if I sometimes make myself look stupid.I'm generally a shy person,..so I probably wont just walk up to you,or just randomly start talking to you.<br />
    I love drawing,and reading and music.<br />
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    - I love strawberries OwO<br />
    - I love K-POP <br />
    - People who eat loudly bother me.<br />
    - I'm a book worm &gt;.&lt; I love reading a lot.<br />
    - I loove to cook/bake. It's a passion of mine ;3<br />
    - I LOVE DDR.<br />
    - Short clothing is not attractive in my opinion &gt;.&gt; so you won't see it on me.<br />
    - I like to play tennis<br />
    - I love MJ<br />
    - I like bunnies o.o<br />
    - I cannot keep a conversation to save my life, I'll apologize in advance ._.''<br />
    - I like to draw in my spare time ^^<br />
    - I want to start cosplay again &gt; w&lt;<br />
    - I am not a morning person.<br />
    - I can speak french.... a little <br />
    <br />
    *I'm planning on going to Korea one day :3 Because I love it o.o *<br />
    <br />
    I like anime :3 Liiike Naruto(not as much though &gt;.&gt; its kinda annoying) Deathnote,Full Metal Alchemist,D. Gray Man,Yu Yu Hakusho,D.N. Angel, Kuroshitsuji,Ouran High School Host Club, School Rumble,Soul Eater, and others I forget to name but will add later lol.<br />
    <br />
    Music:Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee,B2ST,DBSK,SS501,U-Kiss,MBLAQ,2PM,2AM,Teen Top,F.CUZ, Dalmation,ZE:A,Boyfriend,Se7en,Rain, KARA, 4Minute,2NE1,Secret, Miss A. If you like K-pop send me a message :'D<br />
    <br />
    Dramas Watched: Oh! My Lady,Princess Hours, Boys Over Flowers,Secret Garden,Playful Kiss,You're Beautiful,Personal Preference....Any suggestions? :'DDD<br />
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    /) /)<br />
    ( . .)<br />
    c(')(')<br />
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    Party partyy ~<br />
    <br />
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