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  • Artist Info: My name is Simon Laverdière-Delisle and I am 17 years old razz <br />
    I currently live in Quebec whit my family. I study to be a game programmer !<br />
    I am a very comprehensive person, I love to help, I am a bit too much generious ^^ ' and I would do anything for the person I love, even if I have to sacrifice my life...<br />
    And believe me , I am ready for that much if necessary. I am a realy quiet person ... except in front of my friends XD we just can't stop laughing !<br />
    I am a very RANDOM person, so dont mind me if someday I am talking about pancakes... pancakes are so awesome crying . Anyway, Sometimes I preffer to stay alone to think about anything, it help me not to get insane because of the people in my surroundings...Wich sometimes are even more scary than me :S<br />
    <br />
    And thats it razz I will update much much more info later but for now I got to go ! biggrin <br />
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