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  • Artist Info: I am mad. Completely bonkers! But you want to know a secret? The best of us are. &gt;B)<br />
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    Hi there. ^^ You can call me Suzu. Actually, I prefer that over Bonkers... ^^; I'm almost done with that prison one calls High School (hooray for Juniors. biggrin ) and will hit the road to the Lower 48 for colleeeege~! So, I suppose I'm known for creating spontaneous moments of joy and laughter. Oh! And Gender-bending friends. 'Cuz that's what it's all about. XD Don't worry, they don't mind. And even if they did, I'm sure I'd still draw em in their opposite genders. X) So I'm sure you guessed, I'm an artist. And a soon-to-be Manga creator (at least on Deviantart). I'm hoping to go to an art college in Portland Oregon sometime in my lifetime... *starts making an incessant list* And maybe ride a giant tortoise someday as well... *puts that at the top* That would be awesome. XDDD Well, that's me. I love meeting new people, so feel free to contact me sometime if you're ever bored enough on Gaiaonline... Which is almost nigh impossible, seeing as there's everything for everyone. ^^ Have fun and don't forget to laugh today! biggrin
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