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  • Artist Info: Hey for all you reading this...regardless how many ...I've lived a rather simple life. Born in October,I currently live in Maryland. i have many friends outside of Gaia and Facebook but prefer making new ones as well. The more the merrier right? uh i enjoy writing, singing, attempting to dance ,painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography is a big time hobby for me. I'm also a great chef i can make a mean lasagna,pizza and chicken cacatiore if i do say so myself...Did i mention i have like 6 hopes and dreams for myself?<br />
    <br />
    1.get into F.I.T.U. a major fashion and technology college<br />
    2.score an awesome job drawing and designing clothes<br />
    3.retire and get a huge a single family home<br />
    4.write a book about my life<br />
    5.make like 2 'how to books' about my fortune and how i got it<br />
    6.become a poet with a treasury of my art and literature<br />
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