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    <br />
    So you want to know about me eh? Well...<br />
    ...I love to read books<br />
    ...I love to write stories/books<br />
    ...I love to draw avi art (I do kinda stink though)<br />
    ...I love all my friends! *glomps everyone on friend list*<br />
    ...I love to clean (no I will NOT clean your house for you)<br />
    ...I love cooking! My grandma has the biggest and best kitchen<br />
    ...I love to type things whatever it may be!<br />
    ...I (get ready for this) love school!<br />
    ...I love English and Science only when it's interesting (Not like The Pearl or Lord of the Flies)<br />
    ...I love chocolate yet my favorite flavor of ice cream is Spumoni<br />
    ...I love people who go along with an rp no matter how many unexpecting surprises there are. <br />
    ...I love Star Trek series and find Captain Kirk unbearable when he moves from girl to girl every episode<br />
    ...I love nature and warm days with slight cool winds<br />
    ...I LOVE music that stirrs the being into motion<br />
    ...I love communicating with someone over tea or hot chocolate, not over the phone or internet. <br />
    ...I love dreams, but only when I remember them<br />
    ...I love to share theories of how I think the earth will end.<br />
    ...I hate swearing and people who take your rp character's personality and believe that's the user's personality.<br />
    ...I hate roleplays that aren't thought out and die rapidly<br />
    ...I hate spam posts and people who lengthen pages of an on-going rp with "bumps"<br />
    ...I hate chlorine in water<br />
    ...I hate elusive dreams <br />
    ...I hate people who think they're so smart and then you ask them what kind of clock has hands on it and all they can think of is "grandfather clock". It's called an ANALOG clock!<br />
    ...I hate the fact that technology is going to be our defeat since that's a reason for obesity<br />
    ...I hate characters in rps that suddenly change from cold-hearted to light and fluffy<br />
    ...I hate people who ask you to speak your mind and then don't pay attention<br />
    ...I hate how this is still going.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm a twin to x-ButterflyMasquerade-x, I have two sisters; my twin and ilikeike, one half-sister, one big brother, one bunny (dead), five cats, and nine eight chickens. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE BLOODY CHICKENS!! scream <br />
    <br />
    I need any kind of roleplay! Help me!<br />
    <br />
    So now you know about me what about you? blaugh <br />
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