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  • Artist Info: H.E.L.L.O.!!~<br />
    <br />
    I'm not alien<br />
    Nor am I a ghost ;D<br />
    I'm just a normal human of the female gender smile <br />
    My name is Samantha Faith biggrin <br />
    I know my name is nice MUAHAHAHA &gt; biggrin <br />
    Sixteen ♥<br />
    Studies at St Teresa's Secondary or morely known as STS smile <br />
    I commit myself to the Lord, my God ♥<br />
    I'm not so clever as what some may see.<br />
    I'm just gifted by God that way smile <br />
    I may be a girly girl to you as what you see.<br />
    But the fact is that I'm born with all girls surrounding, less man ;D<br />
    I'm shy, no offense.<br />
    But when I'm warmed up with you, have a look.<br />
    I don't expect anything much from anyone.<br />
    I'm simple, not bratty.<br />
    I sing for its my passion biggrin <br />
    Thus, I Praise and Worship God the most smile <br />
    I'm a strawberry lover, choca chocaholic, tomato chomper, cheesecake cheeser, western psycho, green tea swapper and red and white wine drinker biggrin <br />
    Vain, lame, random, that's just so me, Oh thank you biggrin <br />
    I despise hackers, playboys, jerks and stalkers.<br />
    I don't fall easily.<br />
    Fall for me, don't be too easy on that please.<br />
    I'm not your daily dairy that you write craps.<br />
    I'm only your diary when there's problems you face.<br />
    Love the song Back to December by Taylor Swift.<br />
    But don't Back to December to me when you're wrong and I forgave you too many times.<br />
    I live my life my own.<br />
    Its not for you to mess it up..<br />
    ♥<br />
    <br />
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