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  • Artist Info: 'SUP!!! I'm Alex and i suck at drawing. (why do i bring that up unprovoked?) Anyways, I like to read, have political discussions, and, like the other lot of American children, i like to listen to music. I'm going to start high school soon at St. Bernard, which is really hard (like my brother right now...he made that joke, so,he deserves it. Haha...hard), but i know where some of my friends are going, so that does nothing. Execpt I, along with other members of my 8th grade class, are going to Kings of Oxford High School (or Academy...whatever) to ruin a certain classmates' reputation by dressing up as superheroes (or queers).<br />
    <br />
    From the lair of the peeps, GOODNIGHT!!!!!
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