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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Mark Im 11 years old and I enjoy playing gaia watching TV reading books,studying,swimming,drawing manga and DO NOT JUDGE ME BY MY AGEEEEEEEE.<br />
    <br />
    My country the Philippines<br />
    Land of gold and flowers<br />
    With love in her palms<br />
    She offers beauty and´╗┐ virtue.<br />
    And of her modesty and beauty,<br />
    The foreigner was attracted<br />
    O, my country, you were enslaved<br />
    Mired in hardship.<br />
    Even birds that are free to fly<br />
    Cage them and they cry,<br />
    Much more a beautiful country<br />
    Shall long to be free.<br />
    Philippines my beloved,<br />
    Cradle of my tears and poverty<br />
    I'll aspire,<br />
    To see you truly free! <br />
    (yeah its the English version of the "bayan ko" song)
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