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    Hello, im interested in light pollution (not really, but anyway) and soon i will have a link up to an amazing game you can play on some website somewhere on the internet, made by me AND ONLY ME!! No made by three others, we are part of a team who will change the world! (or our own little worlds anyway) I'll add the link when i have it... Till then go around your house or where ever you are and turn off your unneeded lights you wasteful person! If you have or already have... Well ... Good!! ^_^ We need more people like you in the world!!<br />
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    Mise Èireannach.. Do dhaoine Eireannach, tàim sè blian deag d'aois. Is aoibhinn liom ag caint as gaeilge! Tàim ina conaì i Èire, is aoibhinnn liom Èire ach nì maith liom mo cheantar.... sad <br />
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    um... slàn!? neutral <br />
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    Bye!<br />
    neutral <br />
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