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  • Artist Info: Hello people of MY world!!!!<br />
    Iif you are wondering I love to be in control and at my last school was an evil dictator!!! hehehehe *laughs hysterically*<br />
    I wont tell you my real name but on the internet i go by Sitka or Nao!!!<br />
    I have a lot of energy and my friends and I NEVER shut up (which annoys Hitori/Hanabee)!!!!!!<br />
    Wolves are awesome!!!<br />
    I love to get in trouble (im like a magnet for trouble) and I REALLY do have the ability to open locks! Give me almost any lock and I can open it without using any tools except my hands! Its not a magic trick I just have a special ability!!! My friend can feel others pain (pretty lame compared to my power!!!! ^.^) And all of this is real! If you don't believe me to bad!!<br />
    I can be VERY forceful! just ask any of my friends!
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