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  • Artist Info: My name is Chelsea<br />
    Most people call me SunShine<br />
    I'm 15<br />
    I'm in a relationship<br />
    I love anime<br />
    My three favorite animals are wolves, horses, and unicorns<br />
    I love all kinds of music<br />
    I'm a clutz<br />
    I'm not big on reading<br />
    I love riding horses<br />
    Anime I am currently obsessed with : Spice and Wolf<br />
    Last anime I was obsessed with : Ikki Tousen<br />
    I make AMVs<br />
    You can find my videos on YouTube<br />
    My username is Saskun12<br />
    I love to cosplay<br />
    Some people think I'm a ditz and I'm not<br />
    I'm blonde<br />
    I love Classic Rock
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