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  • Artist Info: Things you need to know about me...<br />
    1 I'm not a really good joker.<br />
    2 I don't do drugs.<br />
    3 I'm a Conservative. Liberals be gone!<br />
    4 I'm a very loving person.<br />
    5 I am semi crazy because of a certain 4 letter word.<br />
    6 I am not a grammar Nazi, I just choose to write in correct grammar. The English language may change but I stay the same.<br />
    7 I'm part of my schools Corps' of Cadets and I plan on staying in it till the end.<br />
    8 I talk mainly to women. My own men kin just make me angry by the stupidity that passes through them sometimes and the amount of disrespect. <br />
    9 Rather than list all of the music I listen to... http://grooveshark.com/#/mapstone<br />
    <br />
    Theres many more things about me. But thats for you to gain my trust and talk to me to the point where I like you.
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