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    AppleMae<br />
    Quitting Gaia!!<br />
    I'll miss you guys! But if you guys miss me then add me up on myspace keps.<br />
    -Notes to people:<br />
    -iChasii: Chasii I'll miss you a lot, even if we didnt know each other before we came to be good friends so yeps. I'll add you.<br />
    <br />
    btw, my e-mail is abbbyxmewsick@yahoo.com buh-byes ohhs & I'll log in one in a while<br />
    <br />
    oh and this message is to everyone:<br />
    A girl asked a boy if she was pretty,he said "no". She asked him do you want me,he said "no". She asked him if I leave would you cry. He said "no". So she got up and started to walk away, but the boy grabed her arm and pulled her back and said your not pretty your "beautiful". I dont want you,i "need you". He said I wouldnt cry I would "die". Love is a wonderful thing to gain, But is a horrible thing to loose. God gave us two eyes, two ears, two arms two legs, two feet, two hands, but he only gave us one heart. you know why? because he gave the other one to someone else and it's our job to find it.
    <br />
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