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  • Artist Info: Hey people, Im very hyper and luv getting on other ppls nervs i like watching anime more than reading manga, i hate my name =_= all my friends have possible ADD. Im very LONELY so COMMENT xD and im a dumb blondiiiieee~ wink if you have any suggestions for my profile layout just lemme know^^ and if u wanna chat feel free to leave a comment. Gahhh this site is confusing meeeee and it doesnt help that i have vista =_= &gt;_&gt; stupid Vistaaaa!!!! luckily i have at least figured out somewhat how to get around sooo yeahhh.....arnt i boring? higurashi no koro ni, is my favorite anime ever!!!!! here's a summery of it if your interested^^<br />
    <br />
    The show takes place in a small community by the name of Hinamizawa. You follow the character Keiichi and his friends. One day while helping his friend Rena retrieve a figurine from a garbage dump, he comes across a camera man who makes mention of a gruesome murder that happened there years ago. When he asked Rena and his friends about this, they all seemed to say the same thing, almost as if they were hiding something; something deadly. <br />
    <br />
    Seriously if that was all there was to it, it probably wouldn't have been that groundbreaking. But it was, for lack of better terms, Deliciously Sadistic. Truly this show shines as one of the absolute craziest and down right disturbing things I've ever seen. I've seen more than 90 anime series' in my period of otakudom, and this is a first. The plot is broken down into chapters, each that contain 4-6 episodes. Each chapter gives you one part of the greater story in a way to keep you guessing as to what the big picture is. It might be one different murder or another person's point of view. After reaching just over the half-way point, everything starts to come together piece by piece and creates one hell of an eerie and satisfying storyline.
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