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    I’m over protective of my heart <br />
    I’m too afraid I’d fall apart<br />
    I feel like I should be alone<br />
    It is my own life that I postpone<br />
    I watch the world as it passes by<br />
    This precious time sure does fly<br />
    Everyone starts to grow<br />
    I stand in silence as they go<br />
    I am slowly but surely falling behind<br />
    I understand that I’m unkind<br />
    But I wish someone came after me<br />
    Slowly my eyes get glassy<br />
    I’ve given up my hope on love<br />
    I’ve even asked for help above<br />
    I got no answer, no reply<br />
    Once alone, I start to cry<br />
    I’m pathetic, truly rotten<br />
    I feel as if I’ve been forgotten<br />
    I really don’t want someone’s pity<br />
    It only, truly, makes me angry<br />
    I will not sit and wait and wait<br />
    I guess this is my only fate<br />
    I will always be alone<br />
    That is my plan, it will be my home<br />
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