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  • Artist Info: Waffles 0.0 I know what your thinking "wow she is weird...." yeah i know i'm a random person though. At first i didn't really now what to write here but then i thought hey i'll just go crazy!! <br />
    Well i'll start with i'm a music freak i can't live without music i have it with me everywhere i go. Usually people freak out when they lose their cell phone...well i'm that way with my iPod XP<br />
    I am anime crazed, Um if u haven't already noticed i'm Fullmetal Alchemist crazy i also like Tokyo MewMew and Naurto (if u haven't then somethings wrong with ur eyes) I'm a very outgoing person and sometimes laugh and get happy about the most random things! that means yes i laugh at the word waffles...but idc what you think. Well let's see...i hate guys who act like jerks and show off, and i hate girls who think their better than everyone else. I can be very nice and a great friend but when u make me mad u better watch ur back cause i'll get you. I have been told i am pretty with curly hair and glasses but i prefer my straight hair and contacts. Well i am 5"2,shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes (ill try to get a pic) Oh one another thing i forgot to mention is i LOVE soccer and tennis i play soccer all year round (indoor in winter time) and i mainly play tennis in the summer time 24/7. I &lt;3 outdoor activities like hunting,fishing,archery, and kayaking, oh and did i mention i'm kinda a daddy's gurl? hehe<br />
    <br />
    (and if u read all of this it means u probably had nothin better to do xP)<br />
    <br />
    If u want to know more about me pm me and we could probably be friends smile <br />
    <br />
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