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    I used to be known as Syarria Snow for the longest time until changing to Akayuki no Kaede (maple of the red snow, in case anyone was wondering what I meant), which brings up some nicknames beyond my usual mun name of Jack; Kae, Kaede, Yuki, Red, etc. I intend to RP more with this username, as I have been completely out of the loop for years now in forum-based RP. <br />
    <br />
    My interests revolve mostly around story telling, creative writing, art and generally anything under the fantasy genre. As a family-orient person, my mind usually remains PG16 at any given time on GaiaOnline - anywhere else it might bump up to 18+ but that is rare as I'm more of a shy fox and prefer only to really show those colors to close friends. So be reassured I won't break any rules concerning those bars.<br />
    <br />
    You can bother me at any given point, in fact I encourage it; I'm never one to make too many first moves lest given the hospitality to do so. Feel free to come chat with me through PMs or offer RP - there's a very low chance I'll ever decline.
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