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  • Artist Info: Hmm...<br />
    You wanna know about me?<br />
    Please, turn back.<br />
    Nothing to see hear folks.<br />
    As for the few of you who stay, I guess I'll quench your thirsts.<br />
    We all grow.<br />
    I've had Gaia for only two years, and guess what?<br />
    I've changed a lot in two years.<br />
    I'm different.<br />
    I'm no longer structured, like I used to be.<br />
    Nothing comes in paragraph form... Nothing comes straight and pure.<br />
    Everyone has their drives.<br />
    Sometimes we get confused...<br />
    Yet we always find a way to bounce back, don't we?<br />
    Good or bad, it happens...<br />
    Majority doesn't use full punctuation.<br />
    I do.<br />
    In text, email, instant messenger.<br />
    Who does that?<br />
    Not guys who talk like this:<br />
    "Yo dawg wuts gud?"<br />
    I'll tell you what's good.<br />
    I'm the freshest, proper boy you'll ever had the misfortune to meet.<br />
    And I care.<br />
    I care too much for my own good.<br />
    I don't watch TV.<br />
    It's just a way for Society to fill the heads of it's people with nothing... To brainwash them.<br />
    All people care about nowadays is the latest gossip, having fun...<br />
    No one ever takes the time to look and listen. People out there are dying.<br />
    Not on the outside, but on the inside.<br />
    And all that they can think of is the next time they can party.<br />
    No one screwed up your life.<br />
    You screwed up your life.<br />
    Take responsibility for your actions.<br />
    I'm a '95, and I've noticed one thing in my fifteen years of life...<br />
    That no one in my generation or later, takes responsibility for what they've done.<br />
    And guess what?<br />
    No one cares...
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