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  • Artist Info: Well then Hello there people,my name is Lieutenant Elfen_lied and I am 13 years old.Ummmmmmmmm....Well,I like all kind of music genres,but I listen to Rock more than anything else.I like school,but Im not,well,Im not a Nerd but I aint that popular either.I used to paint my hair red,but I stoped that and returned myself to being a black-haired brunete.And sence when I used to have red hair,I looked like Wendy*(the girl of the fast food restaurant--WENDYS)well....people called me Wendy,and EVEN now!!!They still calle me Wendy.But Its like my nickname and I find it quite funny,so I dont mind.<br />
    <br />
    I also love readin,specially manga.My favourite genres are Josei,School-life,Slice of Life,Comedy,Drama,Suspense,Psychological and Romance.Well,I do like Twilight,The Host and Romeo and Juliet,etc. And Im actually planing on becoming an profesional Writter myself when I graduate.My books will reach the audience better that Stephenie Meyers,they will be deeper and whell remembered than William Shakespear,I will be even more famous than Ana Frank or Edward Cullen.Yeah...I have quite big expectations for someone who doesnt even gets up early beacause she thinks Its too much work.ajajaja!!! And now that where talking about school,I would like to mention that I looooooveeeeee makin fun of my teachers! I always make up jokes about them.Like....<br />
    Why did ___________*(insert whatever that bitchy teacher of yours name is)* put a paper on the wall? Because she wanted to have payperview! <br />
    or<br />
    Lots of astronauts where gathered at the NASA for a reaunion<br />
    and one german astronaut says:<br />
    -We shall send a roket to Mercury to study it atmosphere<br />
    No! replyed an american astronaut<br />
    We shall send a radar to the moon to study the composition of this satelite<br />
    No! screamed ___________*(insert whatever your stupid/mean teachers name is here)* we shall send a roket to the Sun-<br />
    interupted the other astronauts* but the roket will melt!!!<br />
    Well,Im not as stupid as to send it in day-time are we?<br />
    <br />
    ajajajajaja!!! XDDDDD so fun,now tell me,dont you just love to make stupid funny jokes bout teachers? ajajajajaja!!! <br />
    And well,I entered to Gaia with the porpouse to make new friends and to kill time,boring,boring time...
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