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  • Artist Info: About me see, i'm seventeen, i go to LHS in Colorado, i have friends... Basically normal average person right? Wrong! I like to cause a little hell every now and then, i know the difference from wrong selfish desires to the right thing, i think way outside of the box at every possible answer, and to sum it all up into one thing, i'm a freak. <br />
    That's what makes people so unique and different from eachother though. It's not about what you wear or what you act like that makes society function off of your growth, it's about the person you are, and the way you act to establish this that makes change. Through my own life, i've gone through a lot of the painful process of displaying who i was, and i've felt a lot of pain as well in the process. <br />
    From protecting the radically abused minds of the weak, to burning down the bridges between social distortion amongst the great and poor, i've seen it all. They all lead back to the abuse of power and human greed, all of them twisting and bending the rules to their own and creating a society based on immoral selfish desires. <br />
    From my own personal standpoint on everything, people are people, and the vast majority of them still believes very differently from others. From coast to coast, there's always someone out there who still thinks that the color white is all powerful, that it's the men who achieve greatness while the woman stand back and watch, where a man or a woman isn't free to become gay out of their own hands. There's only so much i can tolerate before i get to a breaking point . I believe, that people, no matter race, gender, religion, or anything in general, are all equal, and i'm willing to put my life on that to say that humanity is animalistic and cannot agree upon one thing.<br />
    So, after all that, i have to conclude that i'm a humanitarian. I believe in the greater good for people no matter who they are. I'm Atheist, a proud supporter of gay rights, and support racial rights and gender rights of everyone. All i can say to that, is that it's your pain and suffering that brings you back onto your feet, and back into the game as well. So now i have one question for you, which are you, the conformist, or the free?
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