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  • Artist Info: Hallo.<br />
    I'm Raphien, and i have a host of other nicknames which have been piled upon me.<br />
    I love photography and fashion design, and would like to pursue a career in either or both.<br />
    I also enjoy the occasional manga and video game, but honestly don't keep up with much of anything these days.<br />
    As for music, it's silly, but I <3 jrock. Yes, weeaboo. I know, leave me alone. I'm a bit funny in that I cannot stand Gackt, and while I appreciate the influence Malice Mizer has had on my favorite genre and fashion, I really am not a fan of their music. Go figure. I also like some Korean and French music, but I've only recently gotten into it, so I'm not as experienced.<br />
    Most of the time I spend on Gaia is devoted to my RP guild, Wings, which you can absolutely inquire about.<br />
    I also love to mess with people. A lot. <br />
    so yeah. Nice of you to stop by.
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