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  • Artist Info: Hey! It's Liddybug! I am a minor but a teenager, and 1 of my lucky numbers is 41! Because that's my crush's football number! I love pigs, and collect them, I currently have around 30. My fav saying is 'Weird is Wonderful! Celebrate it!' and I also love 'Bluz in Toches', which is a saying in Yiddish! But I won't tell you what it means. I love the Jonas Brothers (Nick is my boyfriend!), some songs by them I LOVE are Video Girl, Year 3000, That's Just the Way we Roll, Burnin' Up, BB Good, Love bug... I like most of their songs! In my journal I'll have random poetry, thoughts, etc., but you have to be my friend to read them, and I keep my friends list pretty limited, so don't be hurt if I won't let you be my friend... I'm pretty new to this site, but I like it already!<br />
    Thanks!<br />
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