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  • Artist Info: It's how my life goes... <br />
    The only lying i do is in bed. The only playing i do, is my xbox360. The only trix i got is under my milk. So, how can you call me a flirt ?<br />
    <br />
    I'm ME, nigguh who you? Your NOT me. I got my shizz straight, I stay on gettin' mines. I fckk with the best, i don't give a fckk bout the rest. Family is my LIFE, they come in first. Fckk with them, you fckk with me. The name is Mark Gallegos. Born & Raised in Delano California. 5thTeen- 061595. Drink, but DON'T&NEVER smoking. Football is my LOVE. Working out is a habit. Girls is my thing. I be flying solo, so girls step yo' game up! I keep it FRE$H&REAL. I got my own swagguh. I promise you'll never regret meeting me, but if you got caught slipping, i'm quick to dip it! & if you plan on fckin around here, you might get your heart broken.Trust No Female, Fear No Niggah, U can take my word for it. Come at me or Dont come at all.
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