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  • Artist Info: Hiiiiii:O<br />
    Well first i love to sing!! biggrin DDDDDDDDD<br />
    And dance toooooooo^^It's something I do as one of my favorite things biggrin <br />
    I like gaia becuz its like real life..but on a computer ^-^;<br />
    I love my friends on gaia!!!<br />
    My favorite colors are black, blue and.....idk ^-^;<br />
    I love talking.<br />
    Im really a tomboy..so ya eheh^^; A lot o people say I don't look like it...Yes I know.That's becuz I don't have the gold . crying <br />
    My favorite animal is ~..:BATS:..~ Bats are awesome well at least to my view razz <br />
    If you make me mad I get really....I blow up and start cursing xD<br />
    If ur thinking thats weird..well..it's me/:<br />
    My favorite food is well..Shrimp, crabs, lobster..yea and seafood yea u get the idea ^-^;<br />
    <br />
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