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  • Artist Info: Wazzup? Your looking at me aren't you? YOU stalker! Well anyways it seems you've stumbled across my profile... How did you get here....? When will you leave....? How will you leave.....? Well those are great questions but, there not really useful. Anyways, My name is Sally, but you can call me Sal or bun bun or a really don't care ;p Anyways, live in the awesomeness called Canada! Yep, that's right I live in Canada that's a tip for all you stalkerz! Anyways, I am 4999 years old going on 5000 that's right, IM OLD! I'm and Anime Freak, my life consists of anime and Manga oh and gaia. That's it! OH, and P.S. to all you guys... IM not taken! Did I scare ya?<br />
    Hello There. :3 <br />
    This girl is very amazing.<br />
    She's hyper and random yet laid back and outgoing.<br />
    I do admit we can both be a bit of a spazz at times but that's how the human hormones work. ;]<br />
    Haha. Don't you just love her?<br />
    When we were little we use to hug all the time.<br />
    She would be the teddy bear and I would try to run away since her hugs were full of such wonderful love. Haha...<br />
    Isn't that funny?<br />
    Anyways, I'll always be there for her when she's in need.<br />
    If she has a problem with you she'll tell me. And I'll go all viciously horrible on you. You can't even imagine what my ninja skills can do.<br />
    <br />
    ~Sarina &lt;3
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