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  • Artist Info: my name is Keri i live a a lil town in southern indiana and i am in 9th grade (freshmen XP). i enjoy several things ^_^ one thing is well i no to some it mite seem mean but i enjoy seeing guys struggle and studder wen a girl asks them a feminin question xDDD to a guy its relly wierd n mab mean but ITS SO MUCH FUN biggrin xD guys dont understand it but its tru xD. i like being home alone n having the hole house to myself. i luv manga and anime and 4 som odd reason my algera class o.o yea i dont understand y that is. mab b/c its my best subject O.o dont get that either xD i luv music ^_^ <br />
    i hate it wen ppl w/ annoying voices scream more so wen theres a relly good song on the radio n i cant hear it DX at those times i jus wanna scream "SHUT THE HELL UP BISHES" xD but i keep quiet n deal w/ it -_- im a quiet person that doesnt make new friends easily razz i stick w/ my lil group of friends b/c i feel thats all i need ^_^ but sotimes i wish i was more outgoing ....like my sis DX i cnat believe i said dat razz xD but yea mi sis is an annoying lil troll that allways gets wat she wants -_- n wen she soes somthn bad...who does the dad go to first biggrin thats rite me the oldest DX sometimes i wish i was an only child xD<br />
    Cori was always evil :l wen she was 2 n i was 6 i think we were in our parents car n they wre atlkn outside the car n i wanted to look thru the loose change idky i liked doing that but yea xD n i found a nail file n put it bak n cori asked 4 it O.o bad sign rite there xD but i gave it to her n continued searching. all of a sudden i feel a stabbing pain in my back O.o SHE STABBED ME IN THE BAK W/A NAIL FILE 4 NO REASON DX it hur D; i thought i was gonna die l: but still she didtn get in trouble DX wen i bring dat up she jus sayz I WAS 2 4 PETES SAKE so yea xD
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