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    You know, I've been on here for quite a few years, and just recently I looked back at my profile, and then I saw the stuff that was on it. And then I was like eek WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS SHIT. THIS......THIS WEABOOISH ANIME OBSESSED PERSON, WITH LIKE, AUTISM OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THE STUFF POSTED AND SAID IS SO DAMN AWKWARD. And then I hang my head in shame, because I realize that I'm actually much worse now, with all this swearin and SHIT. But I guess I like this better. So yeah, new profile, less......."embarrassing". Even though this is an "About" section, this isn't really much about me, huh. I guess you guys can kinda figure it out from this paragraph, though. But don't worry. I'm probably not as rough as it sounds like.<br />
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    I'll be gentle~
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