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  • Artist Info: My name is Claudia. <br />
    <br />
    Random Facts About Me:<br />
    <br />
    1. I own a Katana. Yeah I’m just that awesome.<br />
    2. I wish I was a Shinigami. Cause come on, that would be epic. <br />
    3. I own a lot of bags and I’m not sure why. <br />
    4. My favorite colors are: shades of blue, white, silver, red, and black. <br />
    5. I’m a procrastinator. <br />
    6. I’m a Gemini. Fear us!<br />
    7. I love taking photographs of nature, landscapes, etc. <br />
    8. I hate taking pictures of people.<br />
    9. Sometimes I tire of thinking because I am constantly contemplating *everything*.<br />
    10. I love writing though I never really know what to write. <br />
    11. I hate waking up early but love the beauty of the morning.<br />
    12. My parents are divorced. <br />
    13. I don’t like cherries.<br />
    14. I love watermelons, grapes, apples, and oranges.<br />
    15.I absolutely despise vegetables. I don’t know how vegetarians survive. I need meat. MEAT!<br />
    16. I read in order to escape reality.<br />
    17. I always try to help someone close to me. Even if it’s something small like putting a smile on their face. I always try my best, even if they don’t realize it. <br />
    18. Though I’m seldom hyper, beware if I am. I’m like a rabid Chihuahua who’s looking for her stolen taco. <br />
    19. This list is pointless but fun. <br />
    19. I love playing Sims. It’s just so much fun! “Haha! I control your virtual lives mother fucker!”<br />
    20. Excuse my language. <br />
    21. Did you notice I repeated 19?<br />
    22. Of course you didn’t notice. Who actually reads the number nowadays? (If you noticed then kudos my friend.)<br />
    23. Most of the time I never really finish anything. Stories, chapters, classes, etc. I do finish my homework though!<br />
    24. I am not a nerd…I think. <br />
    25. My father’s a nerd though.<br />
    26. Yeah I don’t know why I shared that either.<br />
    27. I like being around people I can put my complete trust in. Which means I’m only comfortable with a select group of people. Some of my family members, and then my friends. <br />
    28. I find having a small number of true friends better than having a large number of “friends” who won’t be there for you when you need someone. <br />
    29. I love watching horror movies. It’s exhilarating. <br />
    30. I usually stay up until like 5 a.m. <br />
    31. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it.<br />
    32. I don’t travel often.<br />
    33. I live in Puerto Rico. Bet you don’t know where that is!<br />
    34. it’s an island, in case you were wondering. In the Caribbean. A commonwealth of the U.S. <br />
    35. I love collecting quotes. <br />
    36. I suck at drawing, even though sometimes I really wish I could so I can show someone what my brain is conjuring up. Few people understand the art of the words. <br />
    37. I have my moments when I’m obsessed with cleaning. At least it’s helpful.<br />
    38. My friends eat a lot. It surprises me sometimes. <br />
    39. This list is actually pretty long. <br />
    40. I’m a teen but I don’t quite feel like a teenager yet. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?<br />
    41. I wouldn’t say I think of myself being above someone else but I do think that in some levels I am above other people. As in at school, my maturity rates are higher than most. Same goes for my love of reading, which sadly very few people in my grade share. <br />
    42. I’m not good at conversations. I never really know what to say. And I’m not a fan of intruding onto a conversation which makes talking on a forum next to impossible for me. <br />
    43. I really like soda. Like a lot. <br />
    44. I’m weird, mildly put. Not in that “are you a weird person” sort of way. Like I can be one thing on a day, and then be something completely different the next day. No, I am not hinting at shape-shifting, retards. My interest change often, same goes for my personality. I’m never on an in-between, no neutral ground for me. It’s either one or the other. I’m either mature at times, or immature. I’m either responsible at times, or irresponsible. I’m either loud at times, or quiet. I’m either shy or outgoing. I change randomly. So in conclusion, I’m weird. <br />
    45. Number 44 was long, wasn’t it?<br />
    46. I believe in ghosts. <br />
    47. One of my friends is really obsessed with personality types. I’m an INTP…I think. If you know what that means then contact me so I can get you in touch with her. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun conversations.<br />
    48. I know that I can be antisocial at times, but I try. I’m just not that good at socializing, so why even try?<br />
    49. I’m really shy. When my parents taught me about stranger danger apparently I took everything to heart. When I was little I used to be really outgoing, then I didn’t even speak or smile when a person acknowledged me. It didn’t matter if I knew them. If I didn’t know them well enough then I’d be the silent toddler. <br />
    50. I’m not sure whether I see the glass half-full or half-empty. When there’s still some liquid in it, I’m happy but I’m also sad that there isn’t more. <br />
    51. Hate math. Hate it. <br />
    52. I don’t know why but sometimes I like feeling sad. I don’t come across that emotion a lot so when I do, I sometimes make it last longer than it should.<br />
    53. I’m an observer. I like watching people interact. My ultimate goal, I believe, is to understand. <br />
    54. I want to understand humanity. And maybe I have to detach myself in order to fulfill my goal, but first I have to understand myself before I can go into the vast field which is humanity. <br />
    55. I hate those papers they give you at school that tell you to write down your goal. Most of the time I don’t have any goals so I have to come up with something on the spot. What I seek is to understand and I don’t really think someone can specifically help me with that. <br />
    56. I realize I keep mentioning my goal but it’s just that it’s something that I discovered about myself this year so if someone shares my interest, then by all means communicate with me. <br />
    57. In case, you don’t understand what I mean by understanding, (hah funny XD) then let me explain. I have taken to observing people so I can truly understand them. With my friends for example, I see what makes them angry, or what makes them sad. And by comprehending these things, one can eventually make decisions- okay. In other words, for some of my friends I can decide what they would say or choose when in a certain predicament. What I believe is a point where you really know someone, were you understand the reason behind their actions, so that you can truly understand *them*.<br />
    58. I love Naruto and Bleach.<br />
    58. In case the picture didn't give it away, my favorite yaoi pairing for Bleach is IchiHitsu. *giggles*<br />
    59. Yeah I'm a yaoi fangirl. And haha, I did it again. There are two number 58's. And once again, you probably didn't notice. Ha!<br />
    <br />
    Thanks for stopping by, if you have something to say to me then by all means comment or pm me.
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