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    <br />
    heart Heyy, teh names Ashley heart <br />
    && im 15,i live in Australia<br />
    i guess im kinda short, kinda tanned,<br />
    && i have brown hair.<br />
    yeahh i considder myself to be a sporty person.<br />
    i do paintball and i used to do kickboxing razz <br />
    i have a opend mind on evrything,<br />
    && im happy and bubbly all the time.<br />
    i luuurve Elephants, && kittehs!<br />
    mee best mates
    would have to be Danni, && Roro,<br />
    && Jannelle, && Jarrad, && mii sis; Anna.<br />
    i lubb people who are just like meh! (JOKES!)<br />
    so yahh if u wanna
    talk or get to noe me then just send me a message<br />
    heart Ashley xoXox heart
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