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    Hey there! My name's Cheska & I'm 12 years old. Though you can call me Chelsea or Essie for short wink <br />
    ~I have a sister here in Gaia. Her name's samMCRarmy.<br />
    ~I live in the Philippines.<br />
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    ~I have a long, brownish black hair (it kinda reaches my back) Though it looks brown only in the sun.<br />
    ~I'm about 5'4" feet tall. Yeah, some people think I'm already 16 or 17 years old.<br />
    ~I'm fair complexioned, which means I have a very light brown skin. But, there are times I look a little pale.<br />
    ~I have dark brown eyes.<br />
    ~I'm smart.<br />
    ~I love meeting new people! whee <br />
    ~I'm a good leader.<br />
    ~I'm kind.<br />
    ~I'm funny.<br />
    ~I'm sweet.<br />
    ~I'm creative.<br />
    ~I'm quite talented.<br />
    (I know how to draw, sing, dance, I play guitar & drums, I write songs [Over & Locked up... Another is still in progress], I write poems & stories [Memories & many others], I'm a computer-know-how, I know a little about cryptographing [Really! Check out 'Can You Decode This?' here in my prof. PS: I made it])<br />
    ~People say I'm pretty... rolleyes <br />
    ~I'm a bit tough... if you mess with me & my friends! lol<br />
    ~I love listening to music. They are my inspiration of making songs.<br />
    ~People say I'm fun to hang around with.<br />
    ~I play basketball & soccer.<br />
    ~I love to swim.<br />
    ~I spend most of my time reading books or surfing the 'net.<br />
    ~I love biking around or skateboarding. dramallama <br />
    ~I'm a little allergic to fur. I mean, I kinda sneeze when I'm near them sometimes.<br />
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