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      PROFILE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (lol obviously)<br />
      Too lazy to code anything nice for this site.<br />
      Hi, I’m Katie. I enjoy graphic design, fashion, web design, murder mysteries, tigers, old movies, cats, bizarre dreams, and spicy food. I can be overly blunt at times. I am attracted to people I find attractive, whatever their gender may be. I’m interested in learning about other cultures. I will forever be a perfectionist. I am often creepily lusting over people older than my dad.<br />
      I’d like to either become a science teacher or a graphic designer in the future.<br />
      TV: House, Law and Order, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Six Feet Under, Strangers with Candy, Oz, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Iron Chef.<br />
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