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  • Artist Info: 1.My name is ben.<br />
    2.Me weird.<br />
    3.Mez livez in Canada.<br />
    4.Im stupid.<br />
    5.I like music.<br />
    6.I immature partly razz .<br />
    7.I Bi.<br />
    8.I ugly if i say so .-.<br />
    9.I HUGGABLE<br />
    10.Oh my picklez!!<br />
    11.I dont like being alone.<br />
    12.I got low self-esteem.<br />
    13.Don believe in self.<br />
    14.I get depressed easy<br />
    15.I friendly most of time.<br />
    16.I wear black a lot.<br />
    17.I have been labeled "EMO".<br />
    18.I am easy to get along with most of time.<br />
    19.I suck.<br />
    20.Your still reading wow.<br />
    21.Hate me if you like.<br />
    22.I dont like yelling/fighting although i do it sometimes.<br />
    23.Uhhh i stupid razz <br />
    Thats me hate it or hug it <br />
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