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  • Artist Info: YeZ iMe pUeRtOrIcAn nD BlAcK....lOl<br />
    mA BeStIeZ NaMe iS VaLeRiE!!..[[valezita123]] MeSz wIt Ha MeSs wIt MeH...<br />
    dIs iS 4 AlL Da hAStErZ...... LUV MEH HATE MEH EIDER WAY YHU THINKIN BOUT MEH... lOl&lt;- <br />
    nD Ma oDeR BeSzTiE MeLO [[CARMELO]] dOn hAv a gAiA YeT BuT He wILl<br />
    *<br />
    Have you ever taken the time to sit down and just look at the moon?<br />
    Well I have. You would not believe how beautiful and mysterious it is.<br />
    All of the craters, the marks,...you know what I just realized, the moon is like a human.<br />
    All of the imperfections, the flaws, the mysteries.<br />
    I have never thought of it that way.<br />
    That's what I don't get about us humans.<br />
    We look at all of our flaws and think we're hideous,<br />
    But at the same time we look at the moon and all of it's imperfections and we say "Oh my that's so beautiful."<br />
    Why can't we say that about ourselves?<br />
    Why can't we look at ourselves the same way we do the moon?<br />
    Hmm...I guess that's where the mystery part comes in.<br />
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