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  • Artist Info: I used to protect gaia online from anything, i reported inapropiate things, I reported bots, i reported every scam i saw. Even i bought some gaia cash in order to support this page. But I'm not that girl anymore... Now you meet a new girl. The most cruel and sanguinary girl you would ever met. Someone who doesn't follows the rules... I'm not donating, reporting or doing anything who implies the support of this site until the surveys go. Why? because it's unfair to me who started donating to help gaia with their costs, i was even thinking on increasing my donations by 150% (instead of getting 1000 gaia cash each 2 weeks i was willing to start spendind 25 dollars each week and half) and now they show their true faces... greed.<br />
    I will tear down the mask of that getgambit.com fishy sponsor. And I will save you all
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