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  • Artist Info: They call me Bowties. <br />
    I run The Gory Details. <br />
    I'm an artist. I am not a drawer. Clothes don't go in me. <br />
    I'm a writer. <br />
    I'm a photographer. <br />
    I'm a rebel. <br />
    I hate school to the point of wanting to put a pencil in my Gym teacher's temple. I had the pencil ready or anything. The only thing redeeming is art class. <br />
    I live in the land of 10, 000 lakes. <br />
    No, bitches, I don't live in a shack on a lake. <br />
    I am a grammar Nazi. <br />
    Hell, I might as well be Grammar Hitler. <br />
    I talk with my hands, bot literally and figuratively. <br />
    Figuratively being that I'm Italian, and Italian's hands talk more than their words. <br />
    Literally being that I'm learning ASL, or American Sign Language. <br />
    I love TGD. They're my lovers. <br />
    I generally don't give a shit about what the public thinks. <br />
    When teachers ask me what I need to improve on, I say, "I think I need to care more." <br />
    The Vlogbrothers are amazing. <br />
    I love WRock.<br />
    I say naughty words too often. <br />
    Lady Emergency is my TGD persona.<br />
    The Gory Details live up to their name; check out our Collab story project. www.fictionpress.com/~thegorydetails Scroll down and find "The Gory Games." I promise you, it's worth it!<br />
    I love the MOA. <br />
    I love the MIA. <br />
    I love writing random shit about myself. <br />
    Annaspunischeesy. <br />
    If someone breaks into your house and you have a knife with you, don't aim for the head. Aim for the feet, then they can't run away on their bloody nubs. <br />
    Forporn. <br />
    -Fin.-<br />
    <br />
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