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  • Artist Info: =^-^= This is a RP profile only. =^-^=<br />
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    *She knelt almost softly in the tree tops watching as the other creatures of the forest went about their daily going's on. Her green eyes almost glowing in the shade of the tree she was in. Looking around slowly she scanned for any intruders that might have entered in unknowingly. There were new people here on their planet. Though they had not made their way into her world she was wary of their presence. Many times had they ventured in the forests of Weyland to find the many doors to her peoples world. Yet none had ever figured out the way to enter. Nodding to herself in thanks to the mother Gaia for that she could only cringe at what might happen should the wrong person figure that out. She could only hope they never would.* <br />
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    "Protect us and the creatures of this world mother Gaia" Placing her hand over her heart she sent a silent prayer up to the forest mother.
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