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    こんにちは! (^∇^)
    The name's Kiken. <br />
    (Regine to those who know me like that)<br />
    As you may all, I'm crazy. :] yes yes crazy.<br />
    Sometime I often stare at the wall, finger to mouth wondering what to say.<br />
    User Image<br />
    Other times I like to jump around mindlessly yelling moo all day long.<br />
    O - O Not weird at all I know. = w = I'm awesome like that.<br />
    Well then lets get started.<br />
    Things about me...<br />
    I'm 16<br />
    My birthday is November 9.<br />
    I love animals!!<br />
    My favorite color is blue<br />
    I hate fake people, liars, stalkers, (the pedophile type), Meanies and eating food that has eye balls.<br />
    I love everything crazy and unnatural.<br />
    I love gay people because gosh darn it they are great with fashion.<br />
    I don't like doing all of the girly things there are in life but i do occasionally make acceptions.<br />
    I am currently teaching myself and am in duel-enrollment for japanese.<br />
    I am African-American, Native-American.<br />
    I hate racisim.... it's dumb.<br />
    I don't like to be left alone so chances are you will be stalked... O 3 O<br />
    And for all of those who really know me well, just know... That always....<br />
    User Image<br />
    Ps. I'm TAKEN. O 3 O<br />
    suck on that.
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